You deserve proof, so in order to prove that we "walk the walk", we took this screenshot from one of our Clickbank accounts, just as we sat down and started writing this letter.

But this is not about us - It's about how YOU can achieve stunning results in affiliate marketing, by implementing these simple yet powerful strategies and this super easy to use piece of software...

From: Cindy Battye, John Merrick & Soren Jordansen (The Clickbank Pirates)
RE: How To Double Your Affiliate Commissions In 3 Minutes Flat...

Introducing The Ultimate Link Cloaking Software That Will Not Only Protect Your Commissions, But Also Increase Your Conversion Rate & Build You A Massive List On Complete Auto-Pilot!

Dear struggling affiliate,

If you are looking for a proven, easy to implement system, for creating a reliable income as an affiliate marketer, this may very well be the most important letter you will ever read!

The truth is... Making Money from affiliate marketing is Easy!

You don't have to create a product, design or host a website, deliver content or worry about customer support.

All you have to do is grab your affiliate link, send traffic to it... and you get a cut of any sales you make.

Dead simple right?

Yet most affiliate marketers fail before they even get started.

They end up with nothing to show for all their hard work... except for a lot of wasted time, maxed out credit cards and nasty finger pointing from frustrated family members.

Sound familiar?

And naturally the next step is to start looking for an explanation

That's great... But the problem is that most struggling affiliates reach the wrong conclusion.

Usually because they've been fed a load of BS by shady merchants peddling questionable solutions!

That's where we enter the picture...

You see... We're passionate about helping people like you succeed with affiliate marketing.

And we're about to share the cold hard truth with you

It may upset you.

It may even make you want to close this page and forget you saw it...

But we'll make you a promise - stick with it, hear us out...

And we guarantee you'll be glad you did.

Fair warning though... We'll have to get up on our soap box, because first we have to kill one of the rampant myths of affiliate marketing.

They're Filling Your Head
With BS Scare Tactics!

We get a lot of questions about link cloaking from our members.

That's great because link cloaking is important - after all we're going to recommend our new link cloaking software to you in a bit.

Problem is that most people ask the wrong questions.

They think the reason they are not making any sales is because of commissions thieves and people hijacking their links to get a personal "rebate".

Bah humbug!

We know where this comes from... There are a gazillion marketers out there trying to shove the latest link cloaking technology down your throat, using scare tactics like...

Commission thieves are stealing 30% of your sales!

The truth is...

Commission thieves are not the reason you're not making sales!

Commission theft should be the last of your worries, and it's certainly not the reason why you should use a link cloaker!

The Truth About Commission Thieves

They are out there...

Low life scumbags who will try to purchase the product from their own affiliate link, in order to score a rebate.

But it's not a huge problem (remember the BS scare tactics) and there's really nothing you can do about it.

There's certainly no magic software that will prevent it!

Let's just look at Clickbank as the example...

When someone clicks on your hoplink they can't just replace the nickname with their own. They have to actually go back and reconstruct the original hoplink

If they are determined to get a rebate, a cloaked link won't stop them, as they are not "stealing" the commission on the page your are sending them to.

Just rejoice in the fact that Clickbank actually takes a tough stance on this and will ban these scumbags :)

At best a cloaked link will hide the fact that it's a Clickbank product and deter all but the most persistent thieves

That's of course good, but it's really just a bonus, because here's...

The Real Reason Why You
Should Use A Link Cloaker!

People like to buy stuff... But they hate being sold to!

Don't know why, it's just one of those fascinating things about human nature.

We do know that the main reason for cloaking your links is to make your links pretty and entice people to click them.

Nothing screams cold, hard and faceless sale more than a link like:

It's a major turn off - and it will kill your conversion rate!

You concern there is not commission thieves changing that affiliate ID...

It's the massive amount of people that will dismiss your message outright, because it's so blatantly obvious that you are trying to sell them something.

Totally different story if you cloak that link and give people something like this:

Our tests show that using a link like that will consistently double your click through rate, and thus your commissions!

If you don't cloak your links - you're the real commission thief!

Because you will be robbing yourself of potential sales and income - You see...

Using your own custom links will help you gain the trust of your prospects, create curiosity, brand your promotions and generally increase conversion rates.

Not convinced we're right?

If you've been in internet marketing for more than a week, you probably get more email promotion than you can count every single day

Take a look at the one from the "gurus"...

Yep they all do this... and we guarantee you, it's not by chance ;)

Unfortunately it used to be hard for the average guy to make links like this.

You either had to code your own PHP... Or use one of the existing software solutions out there. And most of them are quite frankly rubbish and peddled using the bogus scare tactics we mentioned earlier!

It Used To Be Difficult - But Not Anymore...
Because Here's YOUR Easy Solution!


Phantom Link Cloaker 2.0

Quickly & Easily Generate Professional Looking Cloaked Links

Double Your Conversions Rates & Increase Your Commissions

And Create Recurring Income Streams On Complete Autopilot!

To put it bluntly... this is it!

Your hunt for the perfect link cloaking system is over...

This amazingly powerful piece of software is based on how we have been doing our own promotions for years.

This is what we wanted in our personal link cloaker... And hard pressed by some of our friends and clients, we have finally decided to bring it to the public.

So let's have a look at...

Exactly What You Get With Your Copy Of
Phantom Link Cloaker 2.0

You get unlimited licenses to the software for one low price... No recurring fees or need to buy additional licenses.

You can install this on as many domains as you want, and create as many links as you like

And the software is super easy to use, as it comes with:

Built In Installation Wizard, So Easy To Use Even Your Dog Could Do It!
Built In Step-By-Step Link Setup Wizard - Non-Techies... Have No Fear!
Plus A Full Set Of Tutorial Videos & Manuals, Not Only Detailing How To Use The Software... But Also Revealing Some Of Our Secret Tips & Strategies For Even Better Results!

But the best thing...You can make your cloaked links say anything you want.

And you only have to install it once! No fiddling around creating extra folders!

Not to name names, but we know a LOT of people who spent $97 on a product that could only say

In fact, this sold so many copies that it would only make mathematical sense if...

You Were One Of Those People!

Now, the product worked great for it's purposes.

But if you wanted it to say, - Forget about it.

If you wanted it to say - Don't even think about it.

Or if you were really passionate about something and wanted a domain like - Out of luck.

With Phantom Link Cloaker, you're able to make bulletproof professional links that...

Practically Force People To Click!

You can also instantly track every link you create, and see which ones people are clicking the most.

Great for split testing your affiliate promotions - or measuring the results of a follow up email versus the original.

Click Here To Start Creating
High Converting Links Today!

  Phantom Link Cloaker Blows All Others Cloakers Out Of The Water! (Even My Own!!)  
Hi Soren, Cindy & John,

As a veteran internet marketer who earns a large chunk of my income from promoting affiliate products, I certainly know the importance of cloaking my affiliate links to protect my valuable commissions.

Indeed, I've used various different link cloaking systems and technologies for years - and even released my own version early in '09.

But your Phantom Link Cloaker blows all the others out of the water! (Even my own!!)

I especially love the sneaky ability you guys have given me to hover my own squeeze page or bonus page right over ANY affiliate website I choose to promote ;)

Who would have thought a link cloaker could actually help me build my list!

...and all while protecting my income from would-be commission thieves.

I am now shelving all my other link cloaking systems and switching to Phantom Link Cloaker - I'm already noticing an increase in conversions, and the leads I am capturing with the hover technology will make me even more money for a long time to come.

Thanks for a fantastic system - you guys are awesome!

Michael Cobb

Yes, Phantom Link Cloaker
Will Also Stop The Thieves

As we said at the beginning, we wanted to be completely honest and not sell you on link cloaking using bogus scare tactics.

That being said... The commissions thieves are out there!

But when you are using Phantom Link Cloaker your are doing anything you possible can to to protect your hard earned commissions, from these scumbags

Your links will be fully cloaked, and they will never see the affiliate link behind the "scenes"
You can set your own custom page title, removing any remaining trace of the affiliate link and potentially boosting your conversion rate even further.
And you can drop an extra stealth cookie when someone clicks your links. More on this powerful feature in a bit - But the thieves won't know what hit them :)

So whatever happens you can rest assured, that the Phantom Link Cloaker software will do everything it can to protect your commissions.

But what about this extra feature, it's one of our personal favourites...

Their Goof
Your Gain!

Don't you just hate it when you press send on an email - only to discover that the site you are promoting is having technical problems?

Or hitting send and then starting to get those dreaded replies saying "your link doesn't work"?

It happens for the best of us.

And it doesn't matter if you have a list of 500 or 500,000 people... it's still a wasted promotion you won't earn any commissions from.

Well, it would have been a waste until now...

Phantom Link Cloaker let's you set a custom 404 error page (and this can be any page you like).

Every time one of your cloaked links are clicked, the software will swiftly check if the destination page is working.

If the page is down, the Phantom software will automatically send your visitors to your 404 error page instead.

It also works if you do a cut and paste error or typo on your own links. The software will detect this and serve your 404 error page

Can you say: "Goodbye to wasted promotion and hello to extra commissions"...

Click Here And Never Worry
About Goofing Your Links Again!

  I Set It Up And Had My First Link Out In An Email In Under 10 Minutes  
I've used and tested many different cloaking software. As an affiliate, you need to protect your commissions and track your campaigns.

Phantom Link Cloaker does both and is extremely easy to setup. I set it up and had my first link out in an email in under 10 minutes and was tracking clicks.

Great Job Soren, Cindy and John!

Pat Lovell

We also mentioned that we are passionate about helping people like YOU succeed with affiliate marketing (and we sure are!).

That's why we have programmed an extremely powerful feature into Phantom Link Cloaker - A feature that will let you tap directly into our proven system for affiliate success...

And Yes... There Is A Proven System &
We Want To Share It With YOU!

Look at it this way... just sending traffic to your affiliate link might generate some sales.

In fact it might even be very profitable.

Chances are it won't be though, because...

The people hitting your affiliate link are likely not specifically looking to buy that product. You are relying on the vendors sales copy to convert them and you are extremely lucky if you get 1-2% of the visitors to buy anything.

But even worse...

You have to invest the same amount of money and time to make every single sales!

Profitable? Maybe... But a lot of work and it won't make you rich!

Now wouldn't it be better...

If you could capture your prospects so you could continue to market related products to them forever, with no extra work or investment?"
If you could whet your visitor's appetite, so that when they click your affiliate link... they go there because they WANT the product?

Of course it would... and you hopefully answered yes to both questions!

The trick is to always go for the subscriber first not the sale...

Offer your visitors a valuable freebie related to the product you are trying to sell. Get them to optin to your list and use the whole process to "presell" them on the product.

Then you can follow up with them closing the sale... and promote related products forever.

That's the exact blueprint we follow in everything we do...

The problem is that you couldn't capture your own leads, while promoting an affiliate link.

Until now! Because...

Phantom Link Cloaker Will Let You Add
Your Own Lead Capture To ANY Link!

Yes you read that right...

Every time you create a link you get the option to add a "lightbox" popup to it (and you can change/edit them as often as you like).

This light box will load on top of ANY link - and just to prove this, we went ahead and put a message on for you!

Click Here To See Us Totally Pwn Google

This is very powerful stuff - and here are just a few of the things you can do with this...

Add your own lead capture system to any affiliate link. Build your own list while promoting affiliate products - and set yourself up for better conversions and recurring income.
Offer a bonus for your buyers. And instead of sending them to a bonus page first (potentially losing them at this step), just lightbox your bonus in over the affiliate link.
Add a personal message in the lightbox and presell your prospect on the affiliate product.
And much more... The sky (and your imagination) is the limit here!

New Fast Action Bonus (Just Added!)
Plug & Play Lead Capture System

To help you get the most out of this powerful list building feature, we have prepared a ready to go list building system for you... Just plug it in and watch your subscriber count go through the roof! You get...

The cut and paste code to make a lightbox just like this one!

Excellent report to give away

Prewritten profit pulling email series...

And of course detailed step-by-step instructions.

Plug this into your campaigns and start building your list immediately - or use it as a powerful template for building your own lightbox ads!

Get Your Free Plug & Play List Building System,
When You Grab Phantom Link Cloaker Today!

Click Here To Start Building Your
Own List & Earn Bigger Commissions!

  I Was Blown Away By The Results!  
Hey guys,

Just had to thank you for creating Phantom Link Cloaker.

For years I have been using standard affiliate links in all my promotions but once I tried your system, I was blown away by the results. Great stuff as always - and I'm getting a lot more click throughs because of it.

On top of that, this is the perfect tool that I can recommend to my affiliates, it goes hand in hand with my message of personal branding and list building!

Jon Olson

Everything we've shown you so far has more than doubled our own affiliate commissions...

And you get all of this with Phantom Link Cloaker - and it's all part of the easy step-by-step 3 minute link setup!

But we're not done yet! We have yet another stealth trick up our sleeves, you see...

We Have Been On A Crusade To Make Sure
You Get The Commissions You Deserve!

If you've ever promoted one of our sites, you know that we truly value our affiliates and go to great length to make sure you earn as much as possible from your promotions.

We always try to hard code any leads and customers to the original affiliate so she will get paid on ANY future sales.

We've also been on a crusade lately, trying to teach some of our marketing friends the value of treating your affiliates right.

Unfortunately this concept has far from caught on.

Let's just look at what "normally" happens when you promote an affiliate link.

A cookie is dropped and if your prospects opts in you will credited for any sale (if you are lucky).

After the initial sale you are out of the equation and the product owners takes over, monetizing your customer from there on.

Personally we don't think that's good enough!

So we have programmed a Phantom Link Cloaker feature, that will massively stack the odds in your favour!

Unfortunately this is so powerful that it will upset a lot of people and we're going to have to ask you to...

Please Only Use This
For Good - Not Evil!

Whenever you create a new link using Phantom Link Cloaker, you'll get the option to "stuff a cookie".

This means that when your prospects click on your link you will send them to the main affiliate link...

At the same time you can stealth load another affiliate link in the background and drop a second affiliate cookie on your prospect's computer.

I'm sure you can imagine just how incredibly powerful this can be

And here are just a few of the (completely ethical) ways you can use this:

You are promoting an affiliate product and know that the vendor has a second related product he will likely promote on the backend. Drop your cookie for the second product so you get paid on that sale too. If they won't do the right thing we'll just have to force them!

Bypass the vendors squeeze page and send people straight to the sales page. Simply cookie drop the main link and then send them on to the page you want them to see.

Maybe someone has written a great blog post you would like to share with your subscribers. Drop a cookie for the the authors product and send your prospects to the blog. You give content, he gets visitors and you get your share of the sales (and everyone is happy).

And there's so much more you could do with this feature... You'll be wondering how you ever managed to live without it!

That was the white hat stuff... We could also think of a few black hat uses for this. But we'll leave that up to you - remember the "do no evil" ;)

Click Here To Start Earning All
The Commissions Your Deserve!

That's All Great...But
You Might Be Thinking That Such A
Feature Packed Value Offer Is
Going To Cost A Small Fortune...

But Don't Worry...

We're going to reveal exactly how you can get your hands on this system for much less than you think.

But first lets refresh...

Exactly What You Get With Your
Copy Of Phantom Link Cloaker...

Unlimited Licenses To The Software: Use it on as many domains as you like. And don't forget that it comes with our super easy install wizard and all the tutorial videos and manuals.

Create Any Kind Of Link You Want (With Just One Installation): You're no longed limited to that pesky "recommends" folders and our step-by-step link setup wizard makes it all a piece of cake.

Hide Your Affiliate Link From The Commission Thieves: With Phantom Link Cloaker your will have the latest technology on your side in the fight to protect your hard earned commissions.

Set A 404 Error Page For Your Links: And you'll never again have to worry about typos, or downtime on the site you are promoting.

Capture Your Own Leads On From Any Page: Add a lightbox popup to all your cloaked links and build your OWN list while promoting ANY affiliate offer.

Drop An Extra Cookie With All Your Affiliate Links: Make sure you get all the commissions you deserve, and open up a whole new world of options (and extra money!)

Increase Your Conversion Rates & Make More Money: Promote enticing and curiousity generating links. Combines with all the other features, this will raise your conversion rate and put more money in your pocket... Period.

If you want the latest, cutting edge link cloaking technology that's easy to use and at the same time packed with powerful features that will make you more money... this is exactly what you've been looking for

This is both the best and easiest solution... And no other link cloaker is able to do the stuff Phantom Link Cloaker 2.0 does!

But that's not even the best part...

The best thing is... We're covering you with an amazing guarantee:

60 Day 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee!

We're so confident that once you get your hands on our brand new Phantom Link Cloaker 2.0, you'll never want to let it our of your hands again!

But... if for ANY reason at all (within 60 days) you decide this bad boy is not for you. The simply send us a support ticket for a full refund

... no questions, no hassles no arguments! We'll walk away friends. And that's our guarantee to you!

Cindy, John & Soren

Guarantees like that don't come along every day...

Neither does powerful software like this...

So we need to talk about price.

You're probably thinking that this is some kind of super expensive software...

How much is a system that has been proven to more than double conversion rates worth?

Even if we were asking you $497 for this (which we're not), it would still be the bargain of the century wouldn't it?

But thankfully, we're not asking anything like $497

In fact, not even half that...

If you act right now...

We're going to practically give you the whole thing for $197, $97 Just $67...

Fair Warning Though!

This is a limited offer to celebrate the launch of Phantom Link Cloaker 2.0

This special deal will only be available for the first week or for the first 500 387 customers - whichever comes first!

This is not a gimmick - In order to make this more restrictive and protect the profit pulling potential for the fast action takers... the price will go up!

If you leave this page now and come back later, we can not guarantee that you can still get this special launch discount!

Take action today and secure your copy of Phantom Link Cloaker 2.0

Click the button below to lock in your place for just $67, before the price goes up for good...

Regular Price $197 Today $67

Add To Cart

Order online safely and securely
100% Secure, Full Encryption Is Being Used
You'll receive your order instantly even if it's 2 am!

You will only be billed $67 today - There are no hidden monthly fees!

To Your Success,

Cindy Battye, John Merrick &
Soren Jordansen

P.S. Don't forget this whole deal is covered by our 100% legally binding 60 day guarantee... you can check this whole thing out and use the software for 60 whole days, and if you're not happy, you get your cash back. We don't care if you use it to make thousands of dollars in those 2 months or don't use it at all... We'll still personally give you every red cent back the second you ask for it...

  I Was Blown Away By The Results!  
Cindy, John & Soren have done it again!

This stunning tool streamlines the most critical elements of affiliate marketing and packages them nicely in an easy-to-use bundle.

Unlike other programs which provide such a service for a hefty monthly fee (I've looked at several that cost over 50 bucks a month), Phantom Link Cloaker is a one time fee, combines many advanced features that NO other program offers, and is really affordable.

And it's all backed by their unmatched dedication to OUR - their users' - successes.

Thanks for another stellar product guys.

Issac G

  I think PLC rocks!  
Hi guys,

I just wanted to let you know I think PLC rocks!

It was a breeze to install and the admin panel is a cake walk to use.

People that promote on safelists, traffic exchanges, list builders, etc are leaving big money on the table if they're not using Phantom Link Cloaker to build their list.

Frank Salinas

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